Nicole Zizi on air: Ep7 DopexGold on Activisim, Upbringings and Developing as a Professional Artist, Youth Concept Gallery Installations and Plans

Episode 7, with DopexGold founder of Youth Concept Gallery. We learn about his experience from growing up in Miami playing College and Pro football then moving on to developing himself as Professional Artist and Designer. How he got his starting into streetwear, working with brands such as DGK, a black owned skate brand and then moving on to develop DopexGold as a fashion brand. Learn about his inspiration and plans for Youth Concept Gallery, a community gallery and collective that is dedicated to working with the incarcerated youth and developing Galleries for aiding low-income communities by offering recreational activities, creative arts, fitness, youth empowerment sessions. We also run through how he has been able to building three gallery spaces, his plans for Youth Concept Gallery, and thoughts on current news.